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If you’re not sure where to start, I’m here to help you.

My Name Is Julia McCoy, Founder Of Five Brands, Author, And Content Marketer For Nearly A Decade.

When I started out, I was just like you.

I was running my first company, Express Writers, and although we were seeing some success I was feeling totally drained.

I was running around doing EVERYTHING for my content agency’s marketing. I was doing keyword research, ideation, writing, editing, and publishing.

It’s no wonder I sometimes clicked “publish” on content I wasn’t exactly proud of.

And I Don't Plan To Keep My Secret Sauce Process To Myself

In fact, I’m sharing it with you today in a succinct digital guide that you can instantly download and start using now. 

What’s covered:

  • .. CLARITY (for the first time!!) on how to truly set up a profit margin that works
  • .. Industry "myths" you don't need to believe about pay rates & contractors
  • .. Where and how to find your first rockstar
  • .. My personal job ad that has brought in writers behind six-figure projects

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