You have big dreams for your ecommerce company. 

But there’s a problem. 


There are brands bigger than yours vying for the largest slice of the market share. To make things worse, they’re backed by huge funding, while you can’t afford expensive ads.   

No matter how many friends and family members share your store online, you’ll never beat the big fish who have thousands of dollars to spend on ads and top-notch marketing experts. 

This makes you wonder, should you just be content with “small”? 

Should you stay on the sidelines while ecommerce companies with bigger funding take center stage? 

If you want to answer these questions with NO, you need my one-hour workshop, Content Marketing for Ecommerce.  

Content Marketing for Ecommerce: How to Sell Like Crazy without Huge Funding  

Ready to get excited? 

Ok, here’s the deal.  

You can sell your products or digital services like crazy and beat out competitors with huge funding behind them… 

…without spending a single cent on ads.  

The secret: content marketing. 

In case you’re new to content marketing, let me explain it to you briefly.  

Content marketing uses free, high-quality content to educate, entertain, and build trust with an audience. This content ranks in the top of Google, pulling in a ton of hot leads searching for a product or service like yours to solve their pain points.  

All good, you say. 

But does content marketing actually work? 

To answer your question, check out these stats: 

  • Content marketing is now worth $400 billion. In the next three years, experts predict that number will grow to $600 billion. (Content marketing isn’t an obscure form of marketing nobody is doing. It’s one of the biggest things today.)  
  • 51% of shoppers say they use Google to research a purchase before they buy. (Think with Google) 
  • SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge) 
  • There are over seven billion daily searches on Google. (Worldometers)  
  • 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement. (CMI)  

So, does content marketing work? 

Sure it does.  

And in today’s world, where buyers spend their hard-earned money on adblockers and do extensive research before buying… 

…I would say it’s the #1 best way to do marketing.  

(I’ve done it myself and it works. More on this later.) 

Now, if you’re ready to outshine your competitors, even if you’re a tiny, lean, mean ecommerce brand… 

…content marketing is what you need.

The Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Content Marketing  

Ok, before we start on how to do content marketing right, I’ll get a few fundamentals set. 

Here are two things you should never believe about content marketing.  

1. You Need Thousands of Dollars to Get Started 

I mentioned above that content marketing is now a $400 (soon to be $600) billion industry.  

But simply because companies are paying top dollar to hire content marketing agencies… 

…doesn’t mean you have to. 

In fact, you can begin by doing it yourself with as little as $200 in your savings account.  

I started out with $75, and that investment turned into over $5 million in 10 years.  

2. Content Marketing Is All About Blogging 

Now you’ve heard you can do content marketing yourself, all you need to do is hop into WordPress and publish a few random blogs. 


Wrong. (Please don’t waste your time by doing this.)  

Because the truth is, content marketing isn’t just blogging. 

It’s not typing up some random ideas related to your product and clicking publish. 

Content marketing is about strategy.  

It’s about using the right tools to reach the right people at the right time. It’s about educating people with the kind of content they want and need at the moment, and then slowly nurturing them to trust you and buy what you’re selling. It’s about a relationship with your audience.  

I know, it’s a lot to take in.  

You’re probably asking questions like: 

  • So, how do I do content marketing?  
  • Where do I start? 
  • What are the best practices to follow? 
  • Can I really do this myself? 

If only you had a step-by-step guide to mastering content marketing and using it as a powerful tool to skyrocket your ecommerce sales.  

Content Marketing for Ecommerce: My One-Hour Workshop and Blueprint for Successful Content Marketing 

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, founder of Express Writers and Content Hacker

When I started my ecommerce service-based writing business (Express Writers), I only had $75 in my pocket. 

There was no way I could pay for pricey ads or hire a top-notch marketer. 

So I didn’t. 

I took the content marketing path instead.  

How it worked for me: I turned my tiny $75 investment into a thriving 7-figure business. Without paying for a single ad.  

But the truth is, it wasn’t easy.  

I made huge mistakes that had my business hitting a glass ceiling until I learned to solve them. I invested a ton of time reading everything I could lay my hands on. I had to sift between good and bad advice.  

I don’t want you that for you. 

Instead, I want you to go straight to your goal without the detours and roadblocks. Without the pricey mistakes. Without the confusion.  

That’s why I’ve put together a one-hour workshop called Content Marketing for Ecommerce.  

Inside the workshop, I’ll give you my proven-and-tested blueprint for using content marketing to explode your ecommerce brand… 

…even if you have well-funded competitors all around you. 

I’ll show you: 

  • My strategy for building a fully customized ecommerce platform 
  • How to compete with competitors who have millions of dollars in funding when you have zero 
  • How to use SEO blogging to bring in a ton of leads and revenue  
  • How to build trust with your prospects 
  • The secret of answering buyers’ questions before they buy, so they choose you when it’s time to pull out their wallets 
  • The #1 step to take before you even begin blogging 
  • How to write conversion-targeted descriptions for your products (one of our clients ordered 40 descriptions from my agency, and saw search go up by 77%)  
  • Two excellent tools you can use to keep your content marketing laser-focused on converting prospects (plus, an over-the-shoulder tutorial on exactly how I use them) 
  • How to find strategic topics to center your content around  
  • The exact structure I use for blogs that rank well on Google 
  • How to update your content so you pull in even more leads and sales 
  • And so much more!  

This workshop comes with a workbook, cheat sheets, and exercises, so you can build your own content marketing plan as you go along.  

Plus, once you join, you’ll have access to me and my community inside an exclusive group. Any time you have a question, simply reach out and we’ll be happy to help. 

Content Marketing for Ecommerce contains all the steps and advice you need if you want to grow your ecommerce business without taking out heavy loans or waiting until you have enough funding. 

Do You Qualify for Content Marketing for Ecommerce? 

Quick disclaimer before we go on. 

This training is not for everyone.  

It’s not for: 

  • People who are into get-rich-overnight schemes. (Trust me, these don’t last.) 
  • People who would rather stay small than work hard to grow. 
  • People who aren’t open to learning new skills and strategies to fit today’s fast-paced digital world.  

But if you can check FIVE of the SEVEN pointers below, this training was made for you. 

  • You want to build a strong and lasting relationship with your audience by providing valuable advice, education, and entertainment to them in the form of quality content.  
  • You want to grow your ecommerce brand exponentially without expensive ads.  
  • You believe you weren’t meant to be a small brand forever in the shadow of competitors with large funding.  
  • You don’t want to waste your time reading contradictory advice on how to do content marketing right. (You’re a busy person and want a simple, fast-action plan that you can consume in an hour or less.) 
  • You’re openminded and love learning new skills. 
  • You trust in yourself, and believe you have the passion, dedication, and persistence to make your dreams happen. (To this point I’ll say YES for you. I mean, you’ve already started up your ecommerce brand! That says something about you.) 
  • You have an hour of time to set aside to absorb my training.  

Checked more than five of these pointers? 

This workshop will change your life. It contains all-new training you won’t find anywhere else, even in my other programs.

What Julia’s Students Say 

My courses have changed the lives of my students. My training has been trusted by 500+ marketers, and dozens of leading agencies, including Airbnb, NextGen Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, and more

What if You Earned Back $4,999,801 in Sales in the Next 10 Years From Your Ecommerce Site? 

SEO-focused content marketing, which I teach in this workshop (complete with templates!), is one of the STRONGEST strategies for an ecommerce site. Through long-form, valuable content, you can position your ecommerce brand where people are searching for answers to questions that relate to your product.  

Get ahead of the big box brands that aren’t capitalizing on content marketing strategies. Because guess what? They’re still stuck in the flywheel of the low-ROI, flashy bro-marketing ad funnels pushed in the marketing boardroom. 

Yes, that headline is exact math because it’s the total gross revenue I’ve actually earned in ecommerce sales, minus the workshop cost. This is every bit realistic. If this college dropout can do it through tried, true, and gimmick-free strategies—well then, so can you! You have the opportunity to make 20,000x ROI in the next decade or less, using the strategies taught in-depth in this workshop, and if you come in, pay attention, and have a real intention to succeed. (No tire kickers.) 

In the last ten years, we’ve earned $5M on our ecommerce website at Express Writers offering DFY content services. This is just ONE month in sales data:  

Need any more convincing? 

When you enroll in my Content Marketing for Ecommerce workshop, you’ll get:  

  • My step-by-step blueprint for skyrocketing your ecommerce brand through powerful content marketing 
  • All my tips and techniques on crafting magnetizing product descriptions, finding the right keywords and topics for your content, ranking on the top of Google consistently, structuring traffic-earning blogs, and much more 
  • All the examples, guides, cheat sheets, and exercises that ensure you’re going in a straight line to success 
  • Access to me and my community, so you can get our honest feedback on your content marketing game 
  • And more 

So, are you ready to learn the steps that’ll get you started on the one form of marketing that has massive potential to grow your ecommerce brand, without the ad spend?  

What’s Included in the Content Marketing for Ecommerce Workshop  

  • One-hour content marketing training broken down into bite-sized videos 
  • My secret structure for traffic-earning content 
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials showing you exactly how I write and optimize content  
  • Top examples of stellar content marketing  
  • The top tools I use to ensure I have the data I need to go in the right direction  
  • A student workbook summarizing the lessons in text 
  • Guides that help you stay laser-focused on your goals 
  • Access to a live group training with Julia in the private student group 
  • Forever access to your one-hour workshop